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Giving Back to the Community

Kimesskanemenow LP has demonstrated its’ strong commitment to giving back to the communities where we work and live. Our contributions help to create strong, energetic communities where our business and employees can flourish and community members can live and work well.

The Board of Kimesskanemenow LP believes that success isn't just a reward; with success comes responsibility. Therefore, Kimesskanemenow LP is honoured to give back to its owner communities in various ways including:


As a good corporate citizen, Kimesskanemenow LP supports the cultural, social and economic life of Mushkegowuk Communities through donations and sponsorships. Our donations and sponsorships budget is established annually. We believe in giving back to our local communities, and are a strong supporter of many events and activities.

The following is a list of some of the donations we have made in the past several years:

  • Attawapiskat Minor Hockey $1500
  • Attawapiskat Iron Eagles $1500
  • Attawapiskat First Nation for a Women's Conference $1500
  • Fort Albany Women's Broomball $1500
  • Fort Albany Snow Angels Hockey $1000
  • Kashechewan Huskies $1000
  • Kashechewan Atoms Team $1500
  • Francine J Wesley School Donation towards the Grade 8 trip $1000
  • Kashechewan Juniors Hockey $500
  • St Andrews School for Cree Language and Cultural training $1500
  • Wahkenagun Community Futures for the Nishnawbe Aski Nation I Do Business Summit $1500
  • Moosonee Baseball $621.53
  • Wasiabin Entertainment - Tidewater Golf Classic $1100
  • Mushkegowuk Council - Mushkegowuk Cup $2500
  • Mushkegowuk Council for Creefest 2014 $2000
  • NADF Business Awards $3000

The following guidelines will help you submit a request for donations or sponsorship of your activity. Please read through the guidelines carefully to determine whether your request meets our criteria. Please note that we receive a large number of applications each year, and regret that we are unable to fill all requests.

The goal of the Kimesskanemenow’s giving program is to contribute to the well-being of our communities and those who live in them. As an organization, we have decided to focus our support in the following target areas:

  • Charities and activities targeted towards children
  • Traditional activities
  • Earth-friendly causes

In their letters of application, applicants should clearly outline how the funds will be used and how Kimesskanemenow will be acknowledged. Note that applications from individuals will not be accepted.

We do not support:

  • Political parties
  • Religious groups
  • Private schools
  • Individual applicants
  • Funding requests for events or activities outside of our operating area

Funding requests should be made well in advance of your event or activity – please ensure that your application reaches us six weeks prior to your activity.

Advertising policy:

A limited amount of advertising support is available for events and activities within our communities. Advertising requests may include ads in print publications, broadcast, online advertising or outdoor/arena advertising. Requests will be considered based on their relevance to our preferred support areas, cost and the relevance of the target market to Kimesskanemenow’s operations.

Download our Donation and Sponsorship Policy & Application Form


The Edward W. Chilton scholarship at Northern College is in honour of the late Ed Chilton who served as the initial President of Kimesskanemenow Corporation for many years. Ed was a Certified Engineering Technologist that had a quiet but profound impact on the establishment of agreements and enterprises benefitting First Nations peoples and their lands. Ed left us in June of 2013, but his ongoing legacy can be seen among the innumerable lives he touched. The Edward W. Chilton memorial scholarship at Northern College will be awarded to an Aboriginal Student studying engineering technology.


Since 2001, Kimesskanemenow is proud to have been able to give back approximately $1 million in dividends to its owner communities.

Capacity Development

The owners of Kimesskanemenow believe that the best way to make a long-term impact in the world is to help people help themselves. Since its start in 2001, one of the guiding principals of Kimesskanemenow has been working to develop capacity in our employees, within our organization and within the communities that we serve.

Capacity means "ability." We have worked over the years with First Nation administrations, and community contractors to increase competence in the areas of project management, quality control, health and safety management, human resource management and financial management. We believe that we have left a lasting legacy in the community members that we have worked with, leaving behind transferable skills and a much stronger community.

Priority Access to Work for Community Members

Kimesskanemenow LP has a Winter Road Agreement with De Beers Canada. In the agreement, local community members and local contractors are given priority access to work on the James Bay Winter Road, and Kimesskanemenow is charged with enforcing this.

Kimesskanemenow is very proud of the fact that all of the work on the winter road is allocated to locally owned and operated community subcontractors, or the First Nations themselves. This ensures that in addition to having access to an excellent winter road, community members benefit to the maximum extent from the winter roadwork.